Prepared. That’s how Chillicothe’s Defensive Coordinator described linebacker Caylib Holt at his signing ceremony Tuesday. Holt will attend Ohio Dominican.

Arndt told of a night Holt’s sophomore year at Logan, when most of his defensive team wasn’t game ready in pregame. “Then I opened up the door to the locker room and there was Caylib… helmet on, chinstrap snapped… ready to play, ready to go”. It was the last game of the season in which the Cavaliers upset Logan and it was the beginning of a special relationship.

Arndt added “When I asked Caylib ‘Why?’ and he told me because of what he wanted to study… that’s what made me proud, I knew it was about getting his education”.

“That’s what I worked so hard for” said Holt. “It’s not all about football. It can come and go and you can’t plan anything out, but education is always there.”

Holt’s work ethic is something Head Coach Ron Hinton will always remember.

“We practiced him on offense and defense. Even when we decided to play him only on the defensive side of the ball, he still practiced both ways for us and never complained.”

The Cavalier linebacker says Ohio Dominican plans to use him as inside as a run stopper. The Panthers were 10-0 last fall before losing in the NCAA Division II Regional Semifinal to West Texas A&M.

He plans to major in physical therapy. “Being an athlete, there’s always people getting hurt. I know the trainers have always been there for me and I’ve always been interested in being there to help other athletes.”

It’s real close (to home). I just really love it because the campus environment just feels like Chillicothe.”

Holt joins a program that is coming off a championship run under Panthers Head Coach Bill Conley.

“Just being coached by Coach Arndt, Hinton… I can see he’s (Conley) just like that  and it just feels like home.”

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