Becky VanVoorhis went for her routine mammogram... but then took a few years off from the exam. When she finally decided to get another, her doctor found what every woman doesn't want to hear. Fortunately, the medical staff was able to catch the cancer early enough to give Becky a fighting chance.

While her life changed that day, she contends her life is by no means over. She also says she will never miss another mammogram.

Becky's husband, Dr. Randy VanVoorhis says he had delivered the news of test results in his practice as a gastroenterologist. He knows the impact of such news both as a medical professional and as a spouse.

The VanVoorhis share their personal experience and the message that a simple screening is instrumental in prevention of further troubles down the road.

Adena Cancer Center Medical Director Dr. Jeffery VanDeusen explains the Center offers a wide range of care not only in prevention, the treatment of cancer, but also what happens following treatment, helping patients down the path of survivorship.

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