UPDATED: The toddler who "woke up" at her own funeral has been confirmed dead and was laid to rest yesterday. The girl was returned home after the funeral and remained in a coma until her death was confirmed Monday. 

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(NEWSER) – Mourners at a funeral yesterday for a 3-year-old Filipino girl received quite a shock when the toddler suddenly started to move during church services, reports the Philippine Star. According to the local police chief, who sent dispatchers to verify the incident, funeral attendees in the province of Aurora said a neighbor opened the coffin cover to arrange the girl’s body for the services and saw her head move. Stunned mourners look on in disbelief in this YouTube video said to be taken at the funeral as someone gently lifts the toddler out of the wooden coffin, bundles her up, and scurries out of frame. The girl was reportedly given water and immediately rushed to a nearby clinic after a pulse confirmed she was alive.

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