After nearly 15 years of Western Avenue, the Ross County Health District will open for business on Tuesday, August 5th at its new location, 150 E 2nd Street.

The Nurse-of-the-Day Clinic and Women, Infants, and Children moved on Friday, July 25th. The Nurse-of-the-Day clinic will reopen Tuesday July 29th or Wednesday July 30th. WIC will reopen on Thursday, July 31st at their new location.

The rest of the Health District, including Vital Statistics, Environmental Health, Home Health, and the Administrative Offices, will be closed on August 1st through August 3rd, and will move officially on August 4th.

"We want to do this as quickly as we can and with as little disruption of our services to the public as possible," said Dr. Timothy Angel, Ross County's Health Commissioner.