After months of hard bargaining, the union representing Chillicothe City garbage workers, has agreed to allow general workers to come back into the system after layoffs earlier in the year due to budget constraints.

This also includes allowing several community action benefit recipients to work in trash collection.

"We could have said, 'Well, we're going to bring them back anyway and you go ahead and grieve that and we'll go to arbitration and fight over it,'" said Mayor Jack Everson, "but it wouldn't have been a harmonious working environment. We would have had more headaches than we would have had help, and if the people that came over from Jobs and Family Services found a hostile work environment or what they perceive to be a hostile work environment, they'd leave and we'd never get them back."

He said it worked-out, thanks to the talks.

The mayor said the workers returning to the city as part-time comes at a reduced cost than what they were working before as full-time employees.