The Chillicothe Police Department reports that at about 10pm, they were called to 346 East Second Street for a man inside a house with a handgun. 

Officers found that Tyler Johnson had allegedly assaulted his mother, then brandished a small-caliber handgun.  Tyler was still inside and refused to come out. 

The Special Response Team and Negotiators eventually talked Johnson out of the residence, and he surrendered at about 11:45pm.  Johnson charged with domestic violence and inducing panic. 

Additional charges may be pending, and Johnson is the subject of other investigations by the Police Department.

immediately after the arrest of Tyler Johnson, his brother Justin Johnson arrived at the scene.  Justin entered the perimeter and ran at officers, with his hand in the waistband of his pants and yelling obscenities.  Officers attempted to arrest him but he began fighting with them.  After a brief struggle, Justin was able to be arrested.  He was charged with obstructing official business and resisting arrest. 

Additional details may be released Monday. 

Tyler Johnson

Justin Johnson