A staple of the summer diet in Ohio is sweet corn. This year's crop looks pretty good, depending on where you are in the state.


"Some people were able to get it in early, so they had some early sweet corn a couple of weeks ago. Others had a little bit of a challenge getting it in because of the weather, so it's coming on really strong right now," said Steve Hirsch, president of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.


He says, overall, the state's sweet corn crop looks pretty good for the year.


Cameron Way grows 15 acres of it on his PikeCounty farm. It's a big seller at his Waverly market and at the farmer's markets he goes to. Early on it's been a challenge.


"Mother Nature kind of threw us a little swing on getting a bunch of rain right after it was planted, and it crusted the ground, and it didn't come up real well, but everything after this looks really good," he said.


He expects to be picking sweet corn until October. Right now, he plants an acre at a time, but as fall gets closer he cuts back as demand decreases.


"Sweet corn is summer," said Hirsch.


He says ideal growing conditions are a lot of sunshine and heat along with periodic rains.


Sweet corn is considered a specialty crop. Most of what you see grown in Ohio is bound for animal feed or other industrial uses.