A man suspected of burglarizing a home on Plyley's Lane finally surrendered to authorities after a 90 minute stand-off where he was hiding in a city storm drain.

Chillicothe Police Department were called to the residence at 164 Plyley's’s Lane in reference to suspicious persons possibly attempting to break in. There have been several recent burglaries in the area.

Shortly after Officers arrived, subjects matching the given description fled on foot. One was tracked to a storm drain in front of 1216 Porter Drive Officers told him to exit but he crawled further into the pipe, out of sight.

After several warnings, pepper spray was deployed into the pipe. When he failed to exit, the Chillicothe Fire Department responded to the scene and flushed a moderate amount of water through the pipe. The suspect still did not exit. Officers began checking each manhole junction up and down Porter Drive with pole mounted mirrors and cameras.

After approximately 90 minutes, the suspect, identified as 20-year-old Blake A. Sherrick of Francis Lane, Chillicothe announced he was giving himself up and surrendered to Officers without further incident. He was charged with Criminal Trespass and Obstructing Official Business.