A Ross County man was taken into custody and appeared to have been hit by gunfire, in an exchange with sheriff deputies that ended a standoff at 502 Chester Hill Road, Thursday afternoon.

Ross County Sheriff George Lavender says 59-year-old David Rutter held sheriff's deputies at bay with a shotgun after they tried to talk with him about marijuana they found on his property. Lavender says Rutter was flown to the hospital after the standoff ended, when it appeared he had been hit in an exchange of gunfire, which Rutter initiated. The sheriff says it appears Rutter suffered a gunshot wound to his forearm.

The incident began when deputies arrived at the Chester Hill residence to talk with Rutter. Deputies say they were met by a man with a shotgun. The sheriff says random shots had also been fired by Rutter earlier in the standoff that started in mid-afternoon and lasted a few hours.

Chillicothe Police and the Ohio State Highway Patrol also responded to the incident.