Each year, the Ross County Health District compiles a report that includes the county's communicable disease statistics.

Rami Yoakum, with the Health District, says Hepatitis C numbers were down, but Hepatitis B doubled to 41 cases in 2013 from 23 in 2012.

Yoakum says Lyme disease infections rose from one in 2012 to 4 last year.

In Ross County, the most common STD - Chlamydia - was at 167 cases in 2013, down 32 from 2012. 

The Ross County Health District recorded a total of 788 deaths in 2013.  Yoakum says 188 of those deaths were caused by cancer. 

On the other side, 919 births were recorded: 516 were boys and 403 were girls. 

For complete details of the Health Districts annual report, log onto RossCountyHealth.com.