A Ross County Grand Jury issued an indictment against a Chillicothe man for misdemeanor assault, Friday. According to Rick Hannan, an investigator with the Prosecutor's Office, the victim told authorities that she was drinking with two other people for a birthday celebration on January 19. Hannan said the indictment alleges 35-year-old Nicholas J. McCabe punched the victim in the face and knocked her out because she did not bring the other woman a birthday present.

Other indictments include:

*42-year-old Diane M. Nesser, of Chillicothe, for two counts of receiving stolen property (5th-degree felonies). The indictment alleges that Nesser tried to buy pop, cigarettes, and motor oil at gas station using two stolen credit cards on January 14, according to Hannan. 

*31-year-old Kenneth L. Skaggs, III, of Bainbridge, for theft and forgery (5th-degree felonies). Hannan said Skaggs is accused of cashing three stolen checks made payable to himself on separate dates in July totaling $510.