Two Chillicothe men face felony charges that stem from the burglary of a home on North Fork Drive.

On August 14, the victims told authorities three masked males broke into their house just before
midnight. According to Rick Hannan, an investigator with the Prosecutor’s Office, 18-year-old Carl Harris, III, is accused of having a firearm when he took a cell phone, $20 cash, and five small baggies of marijuana from a bedroom. 23-year-old Michael Turner was reportedly used to restrain the victims, while a juvenile was also allegedly involved.

Ross County Grand Jury indicted Harris for aggravated burglary and Turner for complicity to aggravated burglary, Friday.

The Grand Jury also indicted a
Chillicothe woman who is accused of driving over a man during an argument. Citing a Sheriff’s report, Hannan said the victim and 37-year-old Shirley Yount got into an argument outside of an apartment on Anderson Station Road on July 31, and Yount allegedly got into her van, revved the engine, drove over the curb, braked, and slid over the victim, pinning his leg under the vehicle.

Yount has been charged with felonious assault.

Other indictments include:

*24-year-old Nicholas Draise, of
Kingston, for illegal possession or control of a deadly weapon in a courthouse. The indictment alleges that Draise, who had a valid Concealed Carry Permit, was completing community service on August 1, and that he put his pistol under a seat in the county maintenance vehicle when he realized he would be going into the Municipal Court. Draise, however, is alleged to have gone into the building with 17 rounds of ammunition, the magazine to his weapon, and two folding knives. He was also reportedly wearing a lanyard that was attached to a 6-inch blade knife, said Hannan.

*31-year-old Ty Rapp, of
Chillicothe, for burglary, and 27-year-old Tamara Brust, of Waverly, for receiving stolen property. According to Hannan, witnesses reported seeing Rapp and Brust moving stolen items from a home on Western Avenue between the dates of July 20-26, while the resident was out of town. Investigators reported finding some of the stolen goods at a home on Moss Hollow Road on July 26.

*61-year-old Larry Gee, of Waverly, for possession of heroin. The indictment alleges Gee was found with four balls of heroin (0.26 grams) during a traffic stop on
Blain Highway on July 11.

*34-year-old Winter Hodge, of
Chillicothe, for tampering with evidence. According to Hannan, Hodge is accused of stealing a cell phone from a person who gave her a ride. Authorities used GPS to trace the phone to Hodge’s home on Jefferson Avenue and then another residence on Adams Avenue on May 20, said Hannan. Authorities reportedly found Hodge hiding in a bedroom at the Adams Avenue home, as well as the stolen phone under a rug and the phone’s memory card in Hodge’s purse. 


*22-year-old Braxton Devault, of Laurelville, for burglary. According to Hannan, the victim told authorities Devault knocked on his front door on August 3 and pushed his way in once the victim’s wife started to open it. Devault reportedly walked around the house uninvited, yelling for another individual. 


*34-year-old Jason Flaugher, of Chillicothe, for having weapons while under disability. The indictment alleges that police searched Flaugher’s home on June 18 and found a double-barrel shotgun inside. Hannan said Flaugher was under disability for a 2003 conviction of trafficking marijuana from the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.


*28-year-old Patrick Thompson, of Lebanon, for receiving stolen property. Hannan said authorities stopped Thompson in the area of High and Church streets on July 25 and found that he was driving a vehicle that had been reported stolen from Warren County


*39-year-old Toni Page, of Chillicothe, for domestic violence. The indictment alleges Page hit her mother in the ear with a closed fist on June 6. Hannan said Page has a previous domestic violence conviction from 2011 in the Chillicothe Municipal Court. 


*38-year-old Hubert Marcum, of Frankfort, on a second-degree felony charge. Hannan said Marcum is accused of punching a man who was intervening in an argument Marcum was having with another person. Marcum allegedly punched the victim several times, and the victim was treated at a hospital for a broken jaw and facial fractures, said Hannan. 


On Friday, the Grand Jury was presented 23 cases, all of which were returned as indictments, and 13 were open.