Two men were arrested in the robbery of Circle K on North High Street in Chillicothe. Police say they were called to the convenience store at around 2:30am, Thursday, after two men went into the store, took money from the register, stole several cartons of cigarettes and other tobacco products, and tried to open the safe with a hammer.


The store clerk told police the men took around $15 cash and $15 in change from the register but were unsuccessful in opening the safe.


23-year-old Jordan Stotridge and 38-year-old Joshua Honaker, both of Chillicothe, were identified as suspects and charged with aggravated robbery and safecracking.


Police say they found Stotridge with a cartons of cigarettes behind the BP gas station on North High Street and Honaker peddling a bike on the flood wall near the park annex.


Authorities say an officer pushed Honaker off his bike when he refused to stop and twice deployed a taser on Honaker when he tried to flee into the woods. Stotridge was reportedly found with a carton of cigarettes, 5 cans of chewing tobacco, $33.46 in cash and coins, a flashlight, and box cutter.


Honaker was taken to Adena Regional Medical Center for treatment following the taser deployment; he was later taken to the Ross County Jail, authorities said.


Honaker reportedly told police that Stotridge and he were riding their bicycles around town, Honaker wanted to buy tobacco from Circle K, and that Stotridge said that “it would be easier to just rob the store,” so he agreed, and they went into the store with the intentions of stealing money and tobacco.


According to a police report, Stotridge appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and did not respond to the officer.


Authorities say the case will be forwarded to the Ross County Prosecutor.