On April 21st and 22nd Ohio news organizations and the Ohio Coalition for open government worked together for a public records audit across the state. 

2004 was the last year the audit was completed. Since then the total number of denials have dropped from 30% to 10%.

In Ross County, within two days, three of the four parties receiving a request via email responded correctly. The one that didn't responded a week later saying that they were on vacation, but had left no forwarding address. 

The in-person audits weren't as successful. The auditor was given all of the paper work but in two separate occasions was asked for their name, who they worked for, and if they were an auditor. One office went as far as asking if the auditor was just nosy.

The Ohio Sunshine law protects the citizen from giving name, reason, or written request.

For more information on this law, visit ohioattorygeneral.go.