A photo of a mountain lion peeking in the backdoor of a home has been making its rounds on the Internet, allegedly taken in the RossCounty community of Knockemstiff.


It's a photo Brett Beatty with the ODNR Division of Wildlife is familiar with.


"Last time I saw it, it was supposedly out of ButlerCounty," he said.


A simple search on Google shows the picture in an online forum post from 2007, claiming the big cat was spotted in Michigan. (Click HERE to see a published post and picture).


Beatty says they often get reports of wild animals like big cats, ostriches, emu, and even crocodiles. Most turn out to be a hoax.


"It's just one of those viral things, if you will, that pop up from time to time and travel around at the speed of cyberspace, I guess," he said.


Mountain lions used to roam Ohio but were driven out by settlers. There have been no confirmed sightings in Ohio in decades.


"Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? I would say no," Beatty said.