MedFlight is moving a medical helicopter from a base in Lancaster to a base in Chillicothe.


"Anytime we look at any of our bases we have to evaluate what the needs are in that area compared to other areas and where we might best serve the patients that need us most," said MedFlight Chief Operations Officer Tom Allenstein.


Replacing the helicopter in Lancaster will be a mobile critical care unit, a ground version of MedFlight. Allenstein says it can operate with the same level of care even during bad weather. He also points out that Lancaster has another medical helicopter service based there and notes they'll have helicopters based in Columbus, Chillicothe, and MorganCounty that can also serve the area.


The MedFlight helicopter will likely be placed at a location in the northern part of RossCounty. Allenstein suspects they'll probably look at a location at RossCountyAirport or nearby.


"We felt that it was in our best interests to serve the different constituents that needed us to be placing that asset in that location," Allenstein said.


He expects the move to be completed in the next month or two.


Chillicothe and Lancaster are both also served by AirEvac, which has bases in both cities.