As Chillicothe City Council considers the proposal to increase the tax to improve city streets, a council member is stressing the need for help in this area. Council-At-Large Beth Neal believes a levy to raise more money appears to be the only option left with the current budget. 


"Taxes are never popular; I don't want to pay more taxes, personally," said Neal, "but, at this point, our streets are in such disrepair and it's going to take such a large amount of money to get it back on track that I don't see another way to bring that money in." 


Before such a tax could become a reality, the proposed 0.2% tax would have to be approved by city council for placement on the ballot, with voters deciding its fate in November. The levy would generate about $1.4 million. 


"I cannot tell you how many calls I get from people complaining about the streets," said Neal. 


The ballot proposal appeared before council Monday for a first-reading.