For some, team mascots that depict native Americans are offensive. Others see it as an honor to the Indian tribes that once roamed Ohio.

Adena High School is home to the Warriors. Their hometown, Frankfort, was once a Shawnee Indian village.

Athletics director Scott Hurtt, who also went to the school, acknowledges times have changed since 1965 when the name was chosen. He says if it were ever an issue he wouldn't have a problem with a change.

88 Ohio schools have Indian-related mascots. Warriors and Indians are the most popular with 23 each, such as at Adena with the Warriors along with Hillsboro and Western using Indians.

National Council of American Indians executive director Jacqueline Pata says Redskins is one. 11 Ohio schools use that name, nine use Braves- such as Logan Elm, and five are called the Redmen.