Mayor Jack Everson gave a PowerPoint talk on the proposed Downtown Development Commission.  He said it follows studies on revitalizating the city core over the last year and a half, to encourage business expansion downtown that stays true to the historic character in a "synergistic" way. 

Everson showed proposed screening plantings for parking lots, and landscaping of interchanges, as well how they can be funded without increasing taxes.  He said this growth initiative is how the city can get out of its financial stress. 

His talk will be available on the city website, and video of the session will be on YouTube. 

Mike Chesler said he is in the final days of working out an agreement with Adena Health System, which means action this spring.  He expects to acquire the properties at the end of March and start construction in April - with renovation finished in fall of 2015. 

This will include stabilizing the adjacent Howson Building, and a lease of 60 off-street parking spots from the city. 

Chesler is also asking for more tax abatements from the city - but says $40,000 to 50,000 in future payroll on the site will more than make up for well as his own investment of almost $7,000,000.   

32 apartments and three storefronts will be developed in the Carlisle more than 11 years after the fire. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils