According to City of Chillicothe Councilwoman Nancy Ames, for the next few days you will be seeing temporary "No Parking" signs being posted around town.

Mike Green, Safety Service Director, said that Safety Service Department crews will be going around town picking up the remainder of the piles of leaves and filling potholes. Starting on Tuesday, March 25th, crews will be out with the street sweeper. Because the City of Chillicothe ran low on salt, they had to use salt mixed with grit. This grit does not disintegrate and must be cleaned up off the roads.

At the same time leaves and debris along the curbs will be cleaned up, too. Crews will begin cleaning major streets downtown on Tuesday, followed by Bridge Street, and then major streets on the West side.

The "No Parking" signs have dates and times when all vehicles need to be removed from the streets. Make sure your car is moved as required by the posted signs.