Aside from the tornado alarm 1pm Wednesday, the annual fire hydrant flushing will start soon.  

Mayor Don McIlroy says starting September 8th, it will go from Main Street south - then on September 22nd, from Main Street north.  

That might bring up some rust in the line.  But he says, don't worry - just let the tap run a little and it will clear up. 

Two residential streets will start to get paved, and there might be a little more this season...but last spring's tax levy will allow more next year. 

And, the revised city website was also praised in the council session.  

The Berger Health System CEO also gave a presentation on their effort to renovate the hospital rooms from semi-private to single-patient.  They have $2.5 million of their $3 million goal. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils