The $22 million 2014 budget was enacted, but as usual, should get tweakings early in the year. 

The question of possibly changing Circleville's form of government got the ok to be on ballot in spring.  Voters can approve 15 volunteers to study the options and possibilities. 

A "Tax Increment Financing" district was approved for much of the commercial and industrial area of US 23 south.  Any increases in property tax revenue will fund traffic improvements there. 

And, an ordinance to assess four properties to pay for mowing and cleaning of nuisance yards was read in entirety to hopefully embarrass those responsible. 

After two brief committee meetings, council then went into executive session on negotiations for acquiring property. 

Circleville has learned from a disaster at the water plant December 3rd. 

Utilities Director Nathan Anderson reported to council on what happened when a 20-year-old solenoid failed when no one was at the plant, and city water backed up into the building.  42 inches of water ruined motors and electronics. 

The approximate $150,000 damage should be covered by insurance.  Anderson has plans to avoid letting this happen again, including an alarm system that will make phone calls. 

He's also moving all city utilities into the modern day, by digitizing maps and records of utilities.

Anderson mentioned other projects and problems on the docket, including water leaks...and welcomes any reports of them. 

And as the snow melts this week, the other half of leaf collection should resume...and then pothole patching. 

Kevin Coleman  regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils