There has been a growing heroin problem in Ohio and Chillicothe has not gone untouched.

Last October Mayor Jack Everson, The Chillicothe Task force, health and law enforcement leaders began discussions on how to fix this problem. They have thrown out the traditional twelve step program because they were not seeing results. They believe in taking a treatment approach, with Mayor Jack Everson saying, "With more effective treatment the judicial system has more options for sentencing people to where they get help not where they get punishment and then law enforcement can come in and sweep the city clean."

The Mayor met with staff of Governor John Kasich to discuss the option of taking their plan state wide. The city officials understand that the heroin problem is not just effecting Chillicothe, "We've just decided to rip the covers off and take a close look at it so we can deal with it," he said.

They are attempting to take it state wide so that the issue can be handled by getting the proper funding, "We're spending billions of dollars shooting shotgun shells at sparrows and wasting a lot of buckshot in the process on things that don't work," Everson said.

Everson also said, "We need to continue to press forward and look for new answers and get a handle on this problem, because it's getting a handle on us."