Mayor Jack Everson chatted with council about the almost-finished 2014 budget, pointing out major accomplishments: a balanced budget, the hoped-for carryover, and starter funds for ODOT grants. 

The mayor said the high point was being able to tackle the city's debt, where Auditor Luke Feeney "took ahold of" 12 million dollars in debt over the last 30 years and started a payment plan instead of just making interest payments. 

After ironing out the budgets of the Municipal Court and Water Department, council should be able to see the whole picture next Monday. 

Mayor Jack Everson chatted with council about his "Mayor's Initiatives" for 2014, what he describes as a combination of economic development, workforce development, and cost-cutting. 

Along with cleaning and marketing the downtown, he hopes to combine park management with the county and get the parks cleaned, running more efficiently, and marketed. 

He also admitted that his strategy on trash pickup labor negotiations was a mistake which he has learned from. 

Everson hopes to get an alternative to annexing part of Green Township just north of Delano Road - a new JEDD Agreement - finalized in summer 2014. 

Everson will post his five-page outline on the city website. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils