With cameras from Columbus news media rolling - and after comments from both city and public - council ratified the ordinance to ensure clean up after meth labs and other drug labs are busted. 

Sponsor Pat Patrick said the legislation was tweaked and that landlords are not the first target to charge for cleanup - she said the first target is "the responsible party," but then "and/or property owner."

She said that landlords learned of that and other changes at a meeting Tuesday. 

But leading landlord Joe Sharp said the change was unsatisfactory.  He said "tenant and/or landlord" still leaves it open to go after the landlord first. 

Sharp said he was surprised of the unanimous vote, with no dissension. 

But he said it'll be business as usual, hoping he continues to avoid drug problems in his more than 100 rentals. 

Several residents of South Hickory Street spoke against plans by the Chillicothe Tree Commission to plant new trees along their street without notification. 

Mayor Everson said he would delay that process, pending more communication. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture