More discussion from all sides closed in on the final version of the city income tax increase to help pay for street work and safety services. 

Comments from the public included a speaker claiming that a majority distrust council and the administration...and another who said there is a need for accountability to win public trust. 

The Law Director said she was concerned about having enough time to run the legislation past the Board of Elections, and said things needed to be finalized tonight. 

Council member Tom Trutschel pointed out that different versions of the legislation needed to be reconciled.  Bill Bonner said "this is crunch time."  Alicia Gray said she did not "want to make voters choose between sound streets and safe streets."  And Nancy Ames pointed out that other costs are increasing, such an almost doubling for road salt. 

Council moved towards a single 0.4% increase specifying 0.2% each for streets and safety.  They will meet again next Monday in special session for the third and final reading of the legislation. 

Safety-Service Chair Dustin Proehl saw council approving a replacement EMS vehicle.  He said of the four, the oldest will be replaced - and hopefully, this can be done every 4-5 years. 

He said the city wanted "to stop being eaten alive by repair costs," and there are funds set aside for replacements. 

Proehl said the new ambulance should be delivered in about six months. 

Council did not read an unspecified request from the auditor for $20,000 for "ongoing litigation."  Finance chair Tom Trutschel said it will have to be explained to council in executive session. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture