Former councilman and current City Treasurer Jeremy Siberell waited six months to give an annual report to council...but hopes it was worth it. 

He says reconciling the city bank account for 2013 is done.  The previous treasurer had not done that duty, which was the main problem that put the city into "Financial Caution" by the state. 

But Siberell says being cleared of that may take another year, to have six months of current reconciliations for the state.  

He's given up the city phone line and office because he doesn't have much use for them...but all his contact information is available. 

And after hiring a local accounting firm to do the reconciliation, Siberell says sticking with them is ideal instead of internal staff. 

City Auditor Luke Feeney spoke in a brief public hearing on the city's "Tax Budget" for 2015, required by state law.  He said it begins the budget season, and gives an early glimse at the coming year. 

He explained that funding cuts from the state appear to have leveled off - but personnel, fuel, insurance costs and others, will probably not. 

And Feeney says unexpected expenses and other adjustments to this year's far...don't look good, either, with an anticipated $150,000 deficit right now. 

The tax budget is available for inspection at his office, and probably on the city website soon.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture