Council passed three ordinances for financial housekeeping at the very end of 2013, before reassembling an hour later to be sworn in for the next year.

Council will meet in its first special session of 2014 to pass the budget - not as planned on new year's day, but the day after. Clerk of Council John Fosson found an ordinance passed at the end of 1999 that dictated council could not meet before the first business day of the Municipal Court.

They don't share the same building anymore, but the law is still in Mayor Everson joked that the city will be in fiscal hiatus for eight hours, until the budget is passed 6pm Thursday evening. Council President Eric Rinehart pointed out that the city will technically be operating for one day without a budget.

Auditor Luke Feeney said the budget has ended up as $39.1 million.

In the County Courthouse at noon, all the officeholders remained the same, except for Fifth Ward representative Jeremy Siberell, who was teased that this was his last day. He became City Treasurer, and William Showman was sworn in by Municipal Judge Toni Eddy as Siberell's replacement.

Nancy Ames pointed out that First Ward representative Tom Trutschel will be beginning his 21st year in council.

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 William Showman embraces his family after being sworn in

Chillicothe Council for 2014