Council passed two ordinances to appropriate $4,500 for a full-time position in the refuse department for the rest of the year. 

Bill Bonner saw an ordinance pass that appropriated $2,600 to pay a new consultant to take over monitoring the city's old landfill.  The bill was for pollution well monitoring from late June. 

Pat Patrick pointed out that the water department has about $122,000 past due, but so far has collected only about $2, she suggested looking for a better action plan. 

And after Patrick suggested mothballing the city hall building and using its heating costs to pay for another police officer, Beth Neal said council should not abandon the building to certain deterioration, and possibly abandoning the downtown. 

Also, Mayor Everson said the budget was wrapping up soon, and suggested a budget presentation next Monday. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils